A U.S. based EMV training and payments consultancy corporation, the SCIL EMV•Academy’s single mission is to support the seamless migration to a more secure EMV based chip and pin payment system in the United States.

The company offers provides a broad range of EMV training workshops, consultancy services, marketing/PR, and channel development programs to issuers, acquirers and suppliers with a strong interest in succeeding in the United States marketplace.  It offers similar programs and services to emerging countries.

SCIL EMV•Academy staff expertise and knowledge is built on decades of experience in payments.   Much of which is generated from the field working with acquirers, issuers, merchants and payment industry suppliers and partners around the world.  This unique knowledge is applied throughout each training workshop and implementation project.

SCIL EMV•Academy training guarantees that the technology you work with is reliable, fully compliant and designed to meet your requirements. Besides offering an array of custom training courses, the SCIL EMV•Academy helps its clients and partners make informed decisions about new programs, technologies and processes in the world of EMV payments.

Experienced industry instructors apply up to the minute documentation and knowledge to each course coupled with demonstrations of the latest industry solutions from the SCIL EMV Academy’s rapidly growing Preferred Partner Network.

SCIL is a privately held company established to deliver smart card, payment and e-commerce services and solutions for both enterprise and mobile vertical markets.

In today’s fast changing business environments, there is a great need for smart card payment and e-commerce expertise and solutions as smart cards become the card of choice in many applications. Smart cards provide security and portability that has become a requirement in many applications.

SCIL is dedicated to providing the best solutions for the most cost effective implementations within legacy system environments and the new mobile sector. Our mission is to enable our customers’ card migrations with the least disruption to their current operations.

Click HERE to see a list of our upcoming courses.


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